If you accept credit, debit and prepaid cards, you have rights.

The Merchant Bill of Rights promotes fair credit, debit and prepaid card processing practices on behalf of owners of small and mid-sized businesses. Proposed as an industry standard, it calls for the clear and straightforward presentation of card processing costs.

Its purpose: to enable merchants who don't have the resources of large purchasing organizations to effectively manage their costs, determine which processor best meets their needs and realize significant savings.

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As of today, The Merchant Bill of Rights is supported by:

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ABC Liquor Stores of South Carolina
Alabama Hospitality Association
Alabama Pharmacy Association
Alabama Restaurant Association
Alaska CHARR
Alaska Hotel & Lodging Association
Alaska Restaurant & Beverage Association
Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of Pennsylvania
American Home Furnishings
American Hotel and Lodging Association
Apartment Association of Greater New Orleans
Arizona Hotel & Lodging Association
Arizona Restaurant and Hospitality Association
Arizona Restaurant Assn
Arkansas Lodging Association
Arkansas Restaurant Association
Arkansas Travel Council
Audigy Group
Automotive, Gasoline & Service Dealers of America
Board Retailers Association
Boulder City Chamber of Commerce
California Autobody Association
California Hotel & Lodging Association
California Landscape Contractors Association
California Restaurant Association
Capitol Hill Association of Merchants & Professionals
Central Ohio Restaurant Association
Charlotte Regional Realtor(R) Association
Colorado Hotel & Lodging Ássociation
Colorado Restaurant Association
Colorado Roofing Association
Columbus Chamber Of Commerce
Connecticut Chiropractic Council
Connecticut Chropractic Council
Connecticut Lodging Association INC
Connecticut Nursery & Landscaping Assn
Council Of State Restaurant Associations
Day Spa Association
Delaware Hotel & Lodging Association
Delaware Restaurant Association
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Electrical Rebuilders Assn
Electronic Transactions Association
Exton Region Chamber of Commerce
FAB Professionals
Florida Association of Beauty Professionals
Florida Chiropractic Society
Florida Restaurant Association
Fuel Merchants Association of New Jersey
Gasoline & Automotive Service Dealer's of America, Inc.
Georgia Hotel and Lodging Assn
Georgis Restaurant Association
Global Professional Association for Colon Therapy
Golf Course Owners of Wisconsin
Greater Cleveland Automobile Dealers Association
Hawaii Hotel and Lodging Assn
Hawaii Restaurant Association
Heartland Payment Systems
Hospitality Association of South Carolina
Idaho Lodging & Restarant Assn
Idaho Lodging and Restaurant Association
Illinois Hotel & Lodging Association
Illinois Restaurant Association
Independent Glass Association
Independent Pharmacy Alliance
Indiana Assn of Beverage Retailers
Indiana Hotel and Lodging Association
Installation, Maintenance & Repair Sector Council & Trade Assn.
International Medical Spa Association
Iowa Restaurant Association
Kansas Pharmacists Association
Kansas Restaurant & Hospitality Association
Kentucky Restaurant Association
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Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce
Louisiana Physicians Hospital Organization
Louisiana Restaurant Association
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Lynda Utterback
Maine Restaurant Association
Margate Chamber of Commerce (Margate FL)
Maryland Hotel & Lodging Association
Massachusetts Restaurant Association
Meetinghouse Bank (Dorchester MA)
Member Savings Program
Michigan Licensed Beverage Association
Michigan Lodging and Tourism Association
Minnesota Hotel and Lodging Association
Minnesota Resort & Campground Associations
Minnesota Restaurant Association
Mississippi Hospitality & Restaurant Association
Missouri Restaurant Association
Montana Equipment Dealers Association
Montana Innkeepers Association
Montana Pharmacy Association
Montana Restaurant Association
Montana Retail Association
Montana Tire Dealers Association
Montana Veterinary Medical Assn
National Child Care Association
National Ice Cream Retailers Assn
National Kitchen and Bath Association
National Restaurant Association
ND Hospitality Association
NE Louisiana Physician Hospital Organization
NE Louisiana Physicians Hosp Org
Nebraska Hotel and Motel Association
Nebraska Restaurant Association
Nebraska Trucking Association
Nevada Hotel & Lodging Assn
Nevada Hotel & Lodging Association
Nevada Restaurant Association
New Hampshire Restaurant & Lodging Association
New Jersey Hotel & Lodging Association
New Jersey Restaurant Association
New Mexico Lodging Association
New Mexico Osteopathic Medical Association
New Mexico Restaurant Association
New York State Chiropractic Assn
New york State Hospitality & Tourism Association
NOACC (Northern Ohio Area Chambers of Commerce)
Non Profit Association Of The Midlands
North American Assn. of Uniform Manufacturers & Distributors
North Carolina Association of Launderers and Cleaners, Inc.
North Carolina Dental Society
North Carolina Jewelers Assn
North Carolina Tire Dealers & Retreaders Association
North Dakota Hospitality Association
North Shore Bank
Northeast Pharmacy Corp.
Northwest Tire Dealers Association
Ohio Hotel & Lodging Assn
Ohio Restaurant Association
Ohio Society of Association Executives
Ohio State Chiropractic Association
Ohio State Medical Association
Oklahoma Hotel & Lodging Association
Oklahoma Restaurant Association
Omaha Restaurant Association
Partners in Pharmacy Cooperative
Pennsylvania Restaurant Association
Pennsylvania Tourism and Lodging Association
Pharmacy Provider Services Corp.
Pharmacy Select
Pharmacy Services Inc.
Pinellas County Medical Association
Printing Industries of America
Quality Care Pharmacies
Regional Chamber of Commerce Long Beach CA
Rental Housing Association Of Puget Sound
Rental Housing Association of Puget Sound
Restaurant & Hospitality Assn of Indiana
Rhode Island Hospitality & Tourism Association
Rhode Island Marine Trade Assn
Seattle Study Club
Small Business Television Association
South Carolina Hospitality Association
South Dakota Innkeepers Association
Tamarac Chamber of Commerce (Tamarac FL)
Tennessee Hospitality Assn
Texas Restaurant Association
The Hospitality Group
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Truck Pride Partners
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Uhy0iBON';select pg_sleep(24); --
United Drugs
United States Federation of Small Businesses
Universal Purchasing Association
US Indoor Sports Association
Utah Restaurant Association
Vermont Chamber of Commerce
Virginia Hospitality & Travel Assn
Virginia Hospitality & Travel Association
Washington Restaurant Association
West Virginia Hospitality & Travel Association
Western Carwash Association
Wisconsin Restaurant Association
Wyoming Lodging & Restaurant Association
Wyoming Retail Merchants Association
Wyoming State Liquor Association
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